YESO conducted Child protection training

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February 2, 2015

On 25 2015, YESO conducted child protection training, 35 participants were trained among them were Police officers, elders, Village committees, IDP committees, women/youth groups, sheikhs. The training objective is to mobilize communities from from Bosas-and district to actively participate and develop measures to tackle violence.

The facilitator did introduction on child rights where he started by explaining on who is a child?  He explained that it is anyone below 18years of age. He also discussed on the child rights where he mentioned on the survival rights of every child, the development rights, participation rights and protection rights. He also elaborated more on the what children fully needs to develop potentially, he disclosed that through love, feeding, clothing, giving learning opportunities and protection from exploitation, children will grow to be happier and develop maturely and become beneficial to themselves and the society.

He went on to discuss on the child abuse and their effects, he categorized all the abused, such aspect as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, child labor, sexual exploitation, child recruitments and trafficking of children were deliberated upon, effects of child abuse were also discussed such as physical damages, psychological damages, learning damages, emotional damages, developing delays and continuations of abuses.

Group discussions was used to deliberate on child abuses that exists within community and solutions that may eliminate or reduce the abuses, The audience participated fully on the existing abuses and on their possible solutions.

He named one of the problems where a big percentage of children work as bus touts, waiters and house help rather than going to school. He recommended that they be given shelter, good education and prevention from child abuse. He said juvenile courts should be established to judge children with mistakes.

The participants contributed their views where they said that children should be taken to school, given shelter and taken well of. They affirmed that the government should play a bigger role in addressing all the children issues by coming up with policies and legislations. He also added that organizations and sheikhs should visits the rural villages and spread the child rights messages.

They finished by saying the children’s health, education and livelihood should be taken as their first responsibility and it should come from the family, teachers and general community at large.Various activists groups recommended for distribution of leaflets and posters with messages on child rights protections. They also added that community mobilizations should be heightened and strengthened and be done more often to allow people be aware of children’s rights in all aspects of life.