YESO organized Youth leadership training in Bossaso puntland

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February 2, 2015

YESO trained 40 youth leaders from all districts of Bari region of Somalia on advocacy and leadership, who in turn organized eleven community service activities in Puntland. Plans are in place for a training of youth leaders in Bossaso beginning in Jen 2015.

During that training participants were equipped the follow areas:

  • Skill transfer and Application: It was a significant achievement that the trainees apply the new acquired knowledge into their daily programmes. The trainees emphasized being able to identify the core problem while distinguishing it from the affects or the signs of the problem. Importance of adopting proper facilitation, communication skills while dealing with conflicting groups included areas trainers applied for their daily activities.
  • Organizational Management: Provided Organizational Development, Leadership, Networking, Advocacy and Fund Raising Training packages to the training participants in Puntland. At the end of the training, the participants were able to identify the weaknesses and strengths of their organizations, and become capable to redefine their organizational mission, vision and set new strategy planning.
  • Networking and Advocacy: participants were able to emphasize the constraints they face in terms of networking, and advocacy those were identified as the most impeding factors for most of the youth organizations. The participants were able to set advocacy goals, set policy strategies, and understand the principles of setting advocacy strategies. Youth groups understood the importance of having enhanced information sharing means that will improve the inter-connection between the youth groups. The participants shared ideas over exchanging and sharing information among youth groups.