On youth empowering programs, we offer Vocational training, internship program job placements, life skills training, civic engagements, peace building, leadership and advocacy training. In addition

1.Employment and Livelihoods Support

Provision of sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods, training of Income Generating Activities and financial management, support to  youth  to attain vocational skills and provision of basic start up tool kits to beneficiaries War affected youth in the community .YESO operates vibrant skills development programs, it has vocational skill training centers which provides computer courses, basic health courses, electricity, mobile repairing, tailoring, Tie & Die and Technology courses. These skills help youth find jobs and develop their careers in life


Our entrepreneurship programs initiatives enable young people to build, scale, and support small and micro-enterprises of their Business curriculum

2 .Youth internship program

There are a lot of youth who have learned and trained on various livelihood skills but they lack employment opportunities in the area, this scenario has caused youth to indulge in risk behaviors like joining  gangs, armed groups, clan militias and other proscribed groups.

Mostly youth strive for opportunities; others want to continue with their studies, get employment, experience and participate productively in the workforce. But they are hampered by a lack of opportunities; they leave the country because they have to survive.

For these reasons YESO NGO in collaboration with international agencies came up with initiative which they offered jobs placement to youth who had acquired skills through various projects, they registered the youth as interns in various companies and organizations where YESO paid monthly basic salary for a period of project.

The Selected beneficiaries (Male & Female) were both from IDP & Host communities; most of them were youth at risk. YESO also brought on board local institutions, government agencies and private sector in a bid to encourage them to recognize the potentiality of local human resources and offer job opportunities to them for a long term solution of the situation.

3. Life skills based education (LSBE) training

Youth meet for workshops and motivational speakers two or three times per week. The workshops focus on developing life skills including respect, self-esteem, goal-setting, leadership, and networking. The peer-speakers are individuals that are role models to the youth, and who can discuss various issues that youth can identify themselves with using their own experiences in life

4. Youth leadership and advocacy training

YESO Build and train youth leaders on advocacy and leadership, who in turn organized community service activities.

5. Youth peace building and reconciliation

Conflict not only takes human lives, destroys communities and erodes development gains, but also leaves a legacy of fear, hostility, and trauma. Without effective, inclusive peace and reconciliation processes, countries are likely to revert back to violence.

Understanding the underlying conflict dynamics in fragile states is necessary to support effective peace building.

YESO works to create and support youth dialogues as an initiative of peace building, these dialogues were conducted voluntarily in different regions of Somalia, these dialogues was attended by more than 315( 165 boys & 150 girls) youth members.

6. Promoting civic and political participation of youth

 Youth in Puntland face poverty, barriers to education, multiple forms of discrimination and limited employment prospects and opportunities, they can be a creative force, a dynamic source of innovations, and they have undoubtedly throughout history participated, contributed, and even catalyzed important changes in political systems, power-sharing dynamics and economic opportunities

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